Sea Child

I took this photo the day before he turned five. He practiced all summer, eagerly waiting his trip to the blue water of The Bahamas. His mask and snorkel were what gave him confidence to be in the water—and know that what was below was safe. And this was important because the summer before, The Below nearly took him from us.

Now snorkeling is his passion, and watching the wonder of a child face-to-face with a stingray, seagrass, or just blue abyss is inspirational. They don’t know that this is the hottest summer that has ever been—or the coolest it will probably ever be. They don’t feel the weight of the corals that are bleaching in the Florida Keys. They just live in the innocent childhood wonder. So this is the time to teach them. Foster that love, and most importantly, understanding of how important the ocean is to their future. And also how incredibly cool it is that they get to spend time in it.



Based in Auburn, Alabama USA

Rachel George Cleveland